“For Honor” | Surpassing Expectations

I began the “For Honor” campaign. I can confidently say that this game will offer you something different. It throws you back to old arcade games. Where you fight your way to a big boss; who is usually more challenging than your previous foes. You’ll enjoy the nostalgic feeling of old-school fighting games.

I picked the Knights faction. It follows the story of a Knight who (without giving too much away) “accidentally” joins the Blackstone Legion; a badass group of Knights who wreak mayhem throughout the land. Sounds dramatic, I know, but “For Honor” has an intriguing story that will leave you hungry to finish the storyline.

I could sense a struggle, that the game has a difficult time making you feel immersed into the story. You don’t feel as if you’re “actually the character”. Where games such as Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and Battlefield 1 do a wonderful job making you feel attached to the story. Perhaps it’s the fact that this game takes places hundreds of years ago, and the story just isn’t relatable. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Approaching this game with an open mind is important, due to its unique characteristics. The storyline may seem short, but don’t forget to head over to multiplayer to put some crazy hours into this game.

Story mode: 8/10 (to be updated)

The Average Broke Gamer

“For Honor”| First Impressions and Beta Review

At first, like a well done steak, “For Honor” was tough to masticate. Between button smashing and rage quits, the game will leave the average gamer pissed off. But somehow after taking a break,  I had a thirst to play some more. It took patience, and guidance from friends to truly understand this game.

“For Honor” strays away from the typical first person shooter to provide gamers with something completely new. A methodical, complex, tactical battle game. Leave your “button smashing” tactics behind. Forget what you already know. Put the disc in with a clear and open mind to fully enjoy this arcade game. Those who live for FPS’, will not only have the shock of their lives, but will be very ill prepared; as I was.

Nice graphics that pop from the screen. Nothing crazy; dark colors are dark, lighter colors pop. The individual movement of a player’s armor was a nice touch. But again, nothing that we haven’t already seen. Unique to this game though, was the interactive maps. It’s a good feeling to spartan kick your enemy down a cliff or “wood spikeexecd” moat. Executions and fighting styles really add a nice touch to finishing off your enemy. That feeling of accomplishment after a good duel is exhilarating.


Be sure to play with friends; it’ll save you a lot of headache. Communication and teamwork is key to this game. Be sure to read IGN’s article of tips on how to immerse yourself into this game.

“For Honor” Beta: 7.5 out of 10. The full game will feature more maps, new players in the future and much more. There are tons to be fixed and patched. The game is trail blazing. Nothing like I have ever seen or played.

– The Average Broke Gamer